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International course

International course

New establishment course aiming at global personnel training
Athlete focus/business focus
Foreign student from the foreign countries
It is a course for ethnically Japanese children returning to Japan
I learn Japanese, Japanese culture, history. As a characteristic of this course, I perform a class of the cross-cultural understanding by a Japanese class one hour in a week for three hours in a week. Through origami, flower arrangement, calligraphy, I enhance understanding of the Japanese culture. Through studying in Japan, I bring up a citizen of the world with the acquisition of the practical Japanese ability and a global field of vision. In addition, I aim at the acquisition of the Japanese ability test examination second grade before graduation and aim at the university higher education afterwards.

Message from Japanese teacher KAORU MATSUYA

We make use of Japan, experience of the Japanese instruction in foreign countries and work in our school from April. we wait for students from all the countries of the world. We learn together by all means in an international course of our school, and let's flap with a high Japanese level to the next generation! In addition, it becomes a foreign student and the ethnically Japanese children returning to Japan to be registered at this course. As club activities, dormitory life play a key role as for the interchange with the Japanese, we know the difference of culture and the sense of values as well as a language, and let's wear power to live together each other.

Foreign student hometown

Hong Kong

Sister school business partner

[the Republic of Korea]
Gyeongju girl information high school
[State of Mongolia]
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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