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Nursing Department

At all times, to help the next person.
Through our 5-year integrated course, students can acquire the necessary certifications for the national nursing examination within two years of graduating from high school. This is the fastest course available for nursing students.
[Potential Certifications]
Certification for the National Nursing Examination
Certification for entrance exams into nursing schools / midwifery schools
Certification for the Assistant Nursing Proficiency Exam
[Nursing Program Accomplishments]
●Showa 41 (1966) – Establishment of the hygienist program Current number of graduates from the program (assistant nursing): 2,911
●Showa 58 (1983) – Establishment of the hygienist non-degree program Current number of students who have completed the hygienist non-degree program (nursing): 1,447
●Heisei 14 (2002) – Establishment of the nursing department Opening of the 5-year integrated nursing training program Current number of graduates from the program: 565

Comprehensive Hospital Scholarship System

Point 1

Through the cooperation between with hospitals, a worry-free means to receive financial aid.
Once enrolled in this school, nursing students will receive an explanation for every hospital within the scholarship system, from which they can select the best one for themselves. After graduation, students are required to work at the hospital they chose for a determined number of years, but are not required to pay back the scholarship.
This scholarship can be combined with any other financial aid from the Oita Prefecture Scholarship System.

Point 2

Pay with the hospital scholarship in April, and lessen your burden.
As a strategy to lessen financial burden, the hospital scholarship can be used to pay tuition starting in the first April of enrollment if so desired. This scholarship can be used in tandem with other sources of academic financial aid to lessen the burden of tuition.

Main post-graduation options [100% post-graduation employment rate]

Takada, Usa Medical Association Hospital
The Sato first Hospital
The Usa center department of internal medicine Hospital
Usa stomach and intestines hospital
Wada Hospital
The Takada center Hospital
Nakatsu stomach and intestines hospital
Nakatsu department of neurosurgery Hospital
Hospital attached to Nippon Medical School
Juntendo University Shizuoka Hospital
Nishijin Hospital
Kyoto regeneration hospital
Green ka hill Hospital
Kyowa society Hospital
University of Occupational and Environmental Health Hospital
Hospital attached to the Osaka University medical department
Hospital attached to St. Marianna University School of Medicine
Nakatsu Municipal Hospital
Kitsuki-shi Kaori Tateyama Hospital
Citizen of Kunisaki-shi Hospital
The Nakatsu first Hospital
Oita Nakamura Hospital
Kitakyusyu General Hospital
Ogura Memorial Hospital
New small letter hospital
Tokyo west Tokushukai Hospital
Tsurumi, Beppu Hospital
Chidoribashi Hospital
Wajiro, Fukuoka Hospital
A lot of others
[higher education]
Fukuoka Mizumaki nursing obstetrical school

Nursing Department Topics

Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
939 Esuka, Usa City,
Oita Prefecture 872-0032
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