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Athletic club

Athletic club

Baseball club
Rigid baseball club

●Ten times of Koshien participation (two times of spring, eight times of summer)
●2004 Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament championship
There is an exclusive baseball stadium of the size same as Koshien Stadium on the prefecture's greatest scale and I aim for "improvement of a human being" and feed friends and independence and manners. I work on training of a skill and the spiritual strength every day to accomplish Koshien participation.
Soccer club
Soccer club for men

●Two times of inter-school athletic meet participation
●One time of championship participation
Find charm of each player at an exclusive ground, and begin with basic physical training, by a physical, the mental coaching staff who and is experienced in all fields such as the technique is premeditated; teach it.
Judo club
Judo club

●2021 inter-school athletic meet men's team, one men's individual, women's individual six participation
●Inter-school athletic meet
[group] Participation: Five times of boys, girl one time
[individual] Participation: 19 times of boys (one time of championship, runner up two times),
girl ten times (one time of runner up)
[group] Participation: Five times of boys, girl six times
[individual] Participation: Nine times of boys, girl seven times
Yanagigaura High School judo club beginning with reinforcement of the spiritual strength. As a result, in late years I participate in the higher meeting such as inter-school athletic meet and the Kyushu meeting and leave a wonderful grade.

Karate department
Karate department

●13 consecutive years inter-school athletic meet participation
●Inter-school athletic meet participation: 17 times
●Championship participation: 12 times
Men's team pattern practice with a partner
"Reality is the true enemy." Truly I demand = figure which there should be and it is sincere and always works on school life and club activities and aims for "I always aim at Japan one and will be the best team in the courtesy and the courtesy" without being satisfied with the current situation and works hard at training every day.
Basketball club for men
Basketball club for men 

●Winter cup 2020, inter-school athletic meet 2021 participation
●Three times of inter-school athletic meet participation
●Three times of winter cup participation
All the members become the team bullet on a chest by words of "the Strength through Trust" and work hard at an exercise. I wear speed, power, a technique and spiritual strength and aim at the team passing in the whole country.
Soccer club for women
Soccer club for women

●Championship participation national in 2020
●Two times of inter-school athletic meet participation (one time of last eight)
●Five times of championship participation
From more practice experience, I plan a team, personal growth. I carry out many interleague balls with not only strong schools of the whole country but also team of the dianthus league and strong university. In addition, most of our school graduates are playing an active part in the dianthus league.
Kendo club
Kendo club

●Inter-school athletic meet
[group] Participation: Once
 ●All Kyushu meeting
participation: Four times
●Kyushu invitational tournament
Participation: The nine times personal war third place: Once
The kendo is a way of the human being formation by the training of the good law of the sword. The kendo club of Yanagigaura High School aims at feeding power to survive society by I believe a friend in deference to each other's personalities while I take an idea of this kendo into consideration and respect courtesy and learn kendo seriously definitely and working together in competition each other.
Track and field club
Track and field club

●The prefectural high school relay road race (boy) first appearance fourth place
●Prefectural high school new face land 3000mSC championship
It is the growth to other human beings giving a good example through track and field. I bring up the student who wants to raise a big dream, a student with a high aim, a student making an effort single-mindedly, own power more. In late years a result comes out by a personal war little by little, and an individual, a group aim at the high level together.
Golf club
Golf club

●The second OBS Kyushu youth golf meet fifth place winning a prize
Our school golf club was allied quickly from the beginning of federation of Kyushu High School golf start and joined it and aimed at the national conventions such as a national high school golf championship, the Japanese youth golf championship and was doing an activity before aiming at the pro golfer among them. It was old golf club historically in those days in golf club in Kyushu. I will raise golf club again in the Olympics Paralympics year in 2020. I accept not only the youth golfer of the Oita Prefecture but also the youth golfer loving golf widely from each places of the whole country and want to bring up human resources flapping to the world. I welcome the youth golfer sharing will warmly. Let's shed valuable sweat of the youth together by all means in this Yanagigaura High School. 
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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