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Voice of the graduate

International course

tsuorumonsetsuen Meisei University higher education

I am from Japanese ability examination first grade acquisition/State of Mongolia
Q.Please tell me the reason that enrolled. 
This is because it wanted to learn the Japanese acquisition and Japanese culture. It enters Japanese university, and this is because it wanted to balance club activities with study.
Q.Please tell me that you made an effort in school life.
I worked on Japanese study with the goal of being used to life in the school life. On the study side, I was able to pass the ability for Japanese examination first grade which I took an entrance examination for last year. In the aspect of living, I lived in the dormitory and came to be able to be familiar as if taking the communication with the student of the circumference positively. I took the examination of contents same as Japanese at university and was able to pass it.
Q.Please tell me about a future aim.
As the connection with foreign countries is strong at university to enter, I want to aim at the human resources who can play an active part globally.

P.E. higher education course

Misaki Kida Kunitachi University of Yamanashi higher education

Female soccer club belonging from Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Junior High School 
Q.Please tell me the reason that enrolled. 
It enters the soccer club of Yanagigaura High School for women, and this is because it wanted to aim at the national convention in the good environment that can concentrate on soccer.
 Q.Please tell me that you made an effort in school life. 
Facing own problem, I tried the study to enter a school of higher grade hard to participate in a game by the club activities.
Q.Please tell me the future aim. 
I want to try study and club activities hard to be a health and physical education teacher at university while making use of having learned in high school three years.

Nursing Department

Suzuna Maruyama St. Maria Hospital employment

I am from Yatsuya, Fukuoka Junior High School
Q.Please tell me the reason that enrolled.
This is because it thought that it can learn the specialized knowledge and skill about the nursing in integrated education deeply for five years.
Q.Please tell me it having been tough, that you made an effort in high school life.
I took a lecture well and reviewed it by daily home learning, and the place not to know learned the investigation positively and made an effort to understand it.
Q.Please tell me the future aim.
To be the considerate nurse who snuggled up to a viewpoint of patient, I want to always do my best.
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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