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Voice of the graduate

International course

pakuchonsoku Japan University of Economics higher education

I am from the Republic of Korea
Q.Please tell me the reason that enrolled.
This is because it wanted to balance the soccer with Japanese study.
Q.You come to Japan, and please tell me it having been tough, that you made an effort.
When I came to Japan, I worried a little, but I was helped by the support of teacher and friends. I performed a voluntary exercise by all means after an exercise was over by the soccer and was able to get over the hard thing with friends. I was able to learn the Japanese study by the plain instruction of the teacher immediately. I studied every day for two hours and was able to improve even if I returned to the dormitory.
Q.About university higher education
I took an entrance examination for the university in a foreign student frame and there were writing and an interview, but was able to pass it safely.

Nursing Department

Runa Tsutsumi wisteria bloom medical technology technical school higher education

I am from Nagasaki City Yokoo Junior High School
Q.Please tell me the reason that enrolled.
The thought that wanted to act at the hospital where it might be said, "congratulations" strongly hoped for an obstetrical teacher.
Q.Please tell me it having been tough, that you made an effort in high school life.
The specialized course fifth grader has a long training, too, and there are days of the present enhancement with study for examination and examination very much in the interval simply because I got over there.
Q.About the future
I repeat efforts with the goal of the day when I become an obstetrical teacher at shortest 21 years old, and it may be said, "congratulations".
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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