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About certificate issuance

About Issuance of All Certificates

The “Request for Certificate Issuance” form is required in all cases of issuance. Please use the PDF above.

Certificate Issuance through the Reception Office

Please submit either the “Request for Certificate Delivery” document or the document we have designated to the reception office. Student ID cards, documents of confirmation for a dormitory room, and graduation certificates can be issued within 20 minutes of submission. For any other documents, processing takes several days, and all certificates will be sent back by mail.
※Issuance of the certificate for the non-degree nursing program takes several days to be completed, so please submit all paperwork in advance.

Reception Hours

Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm
※Closed on weekends and holidays. (Please send inquiries in regards to holidays in advance)

Certificate Issuance by Mail

Please insert a completed grant request form, postage for the delivery fee, and return postage into an envelope and send to the address written below.
<Return Postage Fees>
1-2 envelopes: 120 yen / 3-6 envelopes: 140 yen / 7-10 envelopes: 205 yen
However, postage is not needed if the documents are submitted in person at the reception office.

If you cannot download the grant request document, please write down the following information on a piece of paper and insert that into the envelope instead.
①Name ②Japanese writing ③Maiden name (if applicable) ④Maiden name Japanese writing ⑤Name in Roman characters (only if sender requests the certificate to be written in English) ⑥Birthdate
⑦Sex ⑧Graduating program (general, nursing, or nursing non-degree) ⑨Current Address ⑩Cellphone or home phone number
⑪Required document (certificate of graduation / transcript of grades / transcript of general student performance; please include all types of needed documents and the number of copies for each)

Regarding Issuance Time Frames

Depending on the type of certificate, there are some cases where processing requires a week or longer. Please consider this time frame when requesting certificates.

Issuance Fees

The processing fees for each certificate are written below. Please call the office for fees not included in the following list.
Certificate of
300 yen
Student ID card
100 yen
Transcript of Grades
300 yen
Confirmation of
100 yen
Transcript of General Student Performance
500 yen
Certificate of earned
300 yen

Contact information

939 Esuka, Usa City, Oita Prefecture 872-0032
Yanagigaura High School – Certificate Issuance section (Phone number for inquiries: 0978-38-0033)

Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
939 Esuka, Usa City,
Oita Prefecture 872-0032
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