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P.E. higher education course

P.E. higher education course

Upbringing of the athlete who can play an active part in the world
In the P.E. higher education course, I aim at the human being formation that I got of the harmony of willpower, intellect, the physical strength, and, also, the instruction of deep technical knowledge and the high technique prepares for various curricula to feed the power that can show own power to the maximum. As the part, it assumes 5.6 gen of the afternoon of 2nd sports IIIIII of the subject specialized in physical education in a week, and it stretches out the power of own item good at it, and it is the feature of this course that can learn the athletics which, besides, therefore is necessary.
In addition, I can use facilities and facilities of "the Kyushu General Sports College" to establish, and university higher education is enabled the employment to a member of society club or the general company after the graduation again including a professional league.
[top-performing clubs]
Rigid baseball club/soccer club (man and woman)/judo club (man and woman)/Karate department (man and woman)
Basketball club/kendo club (man and woman)/track and field club (man and woman) for men
Golf club (I found it from 2020)

ICT education using Atleta

CLIMB Factory home page using Atleta
I introduce Atleta adopted much in educational institutions of the whole country in this course. I support effective growth by recording daily physical condition and lifestyles, exercise content, and managing Atleta, and sharing it with a leader. I aim at having the awareness as the athlete by performing condition management such as meal management, the management of a disease, the injury. In addition, I can do smooth communication in application and can perform ICT education.

Message from sports shinkyoshitsucho髙tsukasho*

I instruct it as Manager at golf club for many years at a private school in Nagasaki and produce a large number of pro golfers. I perform instruction in noble Tohoku Fukushi University and take office as Manager at our school golf club afterwards.
Our school founds it in 1910 and is a private school proud of history and a tradition to reach the 111th year in this year. I have the bright results including Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament championship in the baseball club in ten times of Koshien participation, 2004. In the athletic club, soccer club (man and woman), basketball club, judo club (man and woman), kendo club (man and woman) for men, a Karate department (man and woman), track and field club (man and woman) play an active part in the first on the list in baseball club. In addition, I become an advisor from 2020 and found golf club. As for the education policy, "power to survive the life" serves for young upbringing with "power to contribute to the society" "the heart that is rich as a person" along the education philosophy that our school aims at. I support it toward your "realization of the dream" seriously. Let's start three years when the youth is bright in this Yanagigaura High School together.
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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