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Department of culture, club

Department of culture

Brass band club
2021 Oita Prefecture wind music contest participation
●I invite an outside lecturer and am active at a game and a school festival of the baseball club, a local event.
Interaction Club
●The overseas training (the training that a high school student in the Oita Prefecture participates Taiwan I learn interchange, history and the culture with homestay and the local high school student I can have a valuable experience.)
I work on a regular meeting (study for the volunteer activity), cleaning and work on the fund-raising and, other than local interchange activities, participate in the approach of each reconstruction aid positively.


English Speaking Society

●I invite an outside lecturer,
I perform the activity around once in the week.
I am active mainly on talking each other, and even the baby which I do not like is doing it in contents to participate.
Japanese culture club

●I do not belong to the club
I am active led by the student of the international course.
I learn flower arrangement, tea ceremony, calligraphy, Japan's original culture including the traditional Japanese playing card and am intended to understand each other's culture.
Students move into action positively as well as the club mentioned above
There is the club, too.
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