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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

In the Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School, I recognize importance of the personal information protection to deal with and act to handle the personal information of various places concerned with a student and our school appropriately.
 In addition, it determines a policy about the personal information protection as follows and will make sure of protection of the personal information.

1.The acquisition of the personal information

 When our school acquires personal information, I make an effort to clarify the use purpose as far as it is necessary and, by appropriate and fair means, acquire personal information.

2.The use of the personal information

 I use the personal information that our school acquired in accomplishment of the education in the use purpose or it and the rational relevant range that I showed in the case of the acquisition as far as it is necessary.

3.Provision to third parties of the personal information

 Our school discloses the personal information that they acquired to a third party, and they do not provide it except the next case in any case.
 ①When I obtain the person's consent
 ②When it is notified a third party that I provide it beforehand
 ③Public based on laws and ordinances; when consider it, and disclosure, an offer is demanded from the organization
 ④Case necessary to protect these human life, body or property
 ⑤When it is judged that it is essential to protect public interest
 ⑥In performing managing director trust based on a contract about the personal information protection, in the necessary limit
  When I disclose it and contribute it to the partner companies

4.Management of the personal information

 I act for the construction of necessary and appropriate information security measures that our school keeps accuracy of the personal information and newness and to manage it safely and prevent loss, manipulation, a leak of the personal information.

5.Disclosure, correction, deletion of the personal information

 When our school judges it when the person requires disclosure, a correction, deletion of own personal information when the demand reason is appropriate, they accept a demand as far as they are rational.

6.Observance of laws and ordinances and the model

 Our school obeys laws and ordinances about the protection of the personal information and other models.

The use of Cookie and the Web beacon

I use a technique such as "Cookie" and "Web beacon" to acquire access information of user in the Web site of our school. Each information that I acquired by these cannot identify an individual.
In addition, a part of the function providing in a Web site may not be available when you use the Web site of our school by setting not to display setting and the image which do not accept Cookie in the browser of the errand.

About the use of the Google Analytics

In the Web site of our school, I may use Google Analytics. The Google Analytics collects the access information to our school site using Cookie. About collection and the usage of the access information, it is determined by Google Analytics service Terms of Use and Google privacy policy.
Please refer to the following pages for the details.
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
939 Esuka, Usa City,
Oita Prefecture 872-0032
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