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Studying abroad for short-term exchange to the Korean Gyeongju girl information high school

Five nursing department students performed it for studying in short term to the Korean Gyeongju girl information high school for Yanagigaura High School one year on Saturday for from Wednesday, November 1, 2023 to 4th. I accept short-term studying abroad to our school as a sister school with the Gyeongju girl information high school in July of this year. As studying abroad for exchange, I visited Gyeongju this time from our school.
Arrival at Korea
We left Fukuoka Airport on November 1, and we arrived at the gold sea Airport in Pusan. The student of handmade flower and balloon and the Gyeongju girls' high school with the big two-pole banner did a meeting grandly when I left one step of entry counter. Thanks to them who met after an interval of about four months, this short-term studying abroad in Korea could make best start and was moved very much. I worried by the first airplane and overseas travel very much, but the anxiety dissolved thanks to Korean friend and teachers and grew expectation for trip in the future very much. Then I went to the big amusement park called the Gyeongju world and had samgyetang at the night of the day on that day. It was delicious and it was very fun and was able to make best start thanks to everybody.     shitasanka*
Visit to Gyeongju girl information high school
We observed the Gyeongju girl information high school. There were courses such as nursing, childcare, the business in the Gyeongju girls' high school and was surprised at the splendor of facilities and the facilities of each course that I saw there very much. As I learned nursing, by an experience and the visit about the field of the nursing, own interest and interest further increased. I participated in studying abroad for this exchange and was able to enlarge own field of vision. I think that it contributes to the fact that many people were concerned for studying abroad for this exchange. I do my best for this to be able to make use of this learning with appreciation in various scenes.                          Hirose is quiet
School festival of the Gyeongju girl information high school
It is a school festival of the Gyeongju girls' high school that I was left in the impression. The Gyeongju girl had various subjects and provided the refreshment stand where each subject made use of the individuality in in the courtyard of the wide lawn of the campus. I had a lot of making of soap and Korean food and drinks. Not only the interchange with the Korean student deepened by a school festival, but also could interchange with other student and was able to make the wonderful memory fun at all. In addition, you told Korean and the Hangul Alphabet, too and were able to understand a language and culture as well as a Korean school festival and meal.            koen*a
Gyeongju world
I went to the big amusement park called "Gyeongju world" in Gyeongju City with a Korean student by this short-term studying abroad. The Gyeongju world had a screaming attraction a lot and got on all the Korean friends and various attractions. I could get on the vehicle with the thrill that I could not experience in Oita and these suburbs and was very fun.
Summary of Korea clothes experience and the studying abroad for short-term exchange
It is to have worn Korean folk costume "Korea clothes" to have stayed to think through studying abroad for exchange of 4 days and 3 nights most. I did not hear it in the plan, but wakuwaku did not stop first since he/she told by a surprise in an opening night. I felt that the back grew with pi from the moment when I wore that. As it looked at the Korea clothes well in drama and YouTube, it was one dream for me to wear. I can wear it and I was really glad and appreciate what a Korean friend filmed with a Polaroid camera. In addition, when I disturbed motion sickness and the physical condition during the stay, he/she worries and thanks all which he/she supported, but I am sorry at all and think. Through studying abroad for this exchange, I was able to learn a common point with difficulty, Japan and Korea of building the relations with of the different country, a tradition and culture of the sightseeing and a meal, a lot of including the importance of the group behavior. I make use of this learning in future everyday life by all means. Finally I thank the trip that was my dream to Korea and the people who realized interchange very much. This experience became the unforgettable important memory throughout the life in my life.                     Uda, Nakahara
Studying abroad postscript
The interchange of Gyeongju girl information high school and our school was forced to interruption three years or more by a corona evil. However, the clock of the interchange that stopped has begun to move again as a vice-principal teacher and six students of the Gyeongju girls' high school visited a school for studying in short term in our school in this July. The friendly students, the young people of two countries which contacted with respect each other, the interchange of the mind and mind were the warm true interchange that people and people spun definitely without "No border" borders right after arrival. The students and the students of Korea where I finished studying abroad for a short term and went back to of our school further deepened the interchange through SNS. Delight and the smile that a far family seemed to meet again in the moment when we also arrived this time. It was the moment when I saw the bright future of each other's countries in these young people. Yanagigaura High School will continue the interchange with the Gyeongju girl information high school in future. In addition, I am going to deepen cooperation with the eastern country University which I visited by this studying abroad. The Korea thinking that I want to have interchange with people of the same age which is interested in Korea, please come to study under our school by all means. The door is always opened.
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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