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About Yanagigaura High School short-term studying abroad of six Gyeongju girl information high school students

Six students of the Gyeongju girl information high school which was a period until Friday, a sister school of our school visited a school as a foreign student in a short term on 21st from Tuesday, July 18 and worked hard at a milk round (campus tour) and Japanese learning and an experience class with a student of our school.
The students learned like a photograph about Japanese and Japanese culture while enjoying it friendly.
In addition, I hold a welcome dinner party at night. Each other's students enjoyed a delicious meal and a conversation and communication.
While the information high school students that it left from our school at 9:00 regretted parting with our school student each other on the last day, I promised a reencounter in Korea next time and started for home.
 This visit to a school that our school concluded a sister school tie-up, and was the first opportunity became very significant for both students. Our school will utilize this tie-up in future and deepens the international exchange of the student and cross-cultural understanding.

State of the class
Japanese culture experience (the Star Festival)
I take a ceremonial photograph in an experience-based class
State of the reception
Reception group photo
The last taking a ceremonial photograph
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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