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High school judo championship national in 2022 in the 45th

The 45th whole country High School judo championship was held on Tuesday for from Monday, March 20, 2022 to 21st and became first championship by a women's team war.
Even as for the again personal war, containing the third place three girls; was able to praise it.
Thank you for supporting the lot this time.
It becomes the meeting result as follows.
[women's team]
  Championship captain Rika Higashiya child
       Princess van Hana Oishi
       General Hosono Izumi
       Filling a vacancy Haruka Ueyama

[women's individual]
 48 kg of third place winning a prize grade Haruka Ueyama
       Princess 52 kg grade Hana Oishi
       63 kg grade Hazuki Takagi
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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