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International course

The ability for sohyonsu (three years Republic of Korea native place) Japanese examination second grade passes ‼

The reason that entered Yanagigaura High School is because I wanted to learn the Japanese acquisition and Japanese culture. I entered the Japanese university and I was interested in soccer of Japan and thought that I wanted to do the coexistence of study and club activities. I worked on Japanese study with the goal of being used to life of Japan until now in the school life.
On the study side, I was able to pass the Japanese official approval second grade in last December. I studied and, using the teaching materials, was able to prepare for words and a kanji, grammar to use well.
In the aspect of living, I lived in the dormitory and came to be able to be familiar as if regarding communication as the student of the circumference positively. The Japanese official approval first grade passes and wants to do my best for university higher education.

The ability for tsuorumonsetsuen (two years State of Mongolia native place) Japanese examination fourth grade passes ‼

This is because it wanted to overcome it as it was hard the reason that entered Yanagigaura High School learning Japanese, to exercise.
At first, I was not able to talk with the circumference without not knowing Japanese, and the textbook reading.
I became able to hear a conversation when getting used a little and came to be able to regard communication as a Japanese student.
As it is totally different from the life in the mother country in the life in Japan, there is that I learn it a lot.
I was able to pass the ability for Japanese examination fourth grade in a year.
My aim is to pass the ability for Japanese examination second grade before I graduate.
Therefore I value one class and want to review it.
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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