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General Education Department

Physical Education Pre-college Course

We will foster your strength to show the power you have at its maximum.
Through the Physical Education Pre-College Course, we have prepared a curriculum of various classes with the aim of guiding students through deep specialized knowledge and high level techniques to develop a harmony between their willpower, intelligence, and physical strength; we also want to foster the students’ strength in students to exhibit their individual power they each have at its maximum level. Therefore, as a part of this curriculum, we will use the 5th and 6th periods twice a week for the “Sports I, II, and III” classes within the program twice a week. The strength of these classes is to help students grow their talents in their specific sports, and to teach them the necessary theories of physical education.
Furthermore, in this course, students can use the facilities and equipment of our joint-school, “Kyushu General Sports College,” and after graduating have plenty of options, including entering a pro league, finding employment at a regular company and joining an adult sports club, and continuing their studies in college.
[Top Performing Clubs]
Regulation Baseball / Soccer (male/female) / Judo (male/female) / Basketball (male/female)
Karate (male/female) / Kendo (male/female) / Track and Field (male/female)

General Course

Acquire a wide range of knowledge
Through our general curriculum, we aim to provide students with deeply rooted fundamentals, as well as help them acquire a wide range of knowledge through general studies, information access, and guidance for post-graduation.

International Course

Our newly established course for developing international workers
International Course (Business Focus / Athlete Focus)
This is a course for foreign exchange students and “returning” students from Japanese families abroad.
Course studies include Japanese language, Japanese culture, and history classes. Our goal is for students to graduate with all necessary training.

Post-graduation Guidance [P.E. Higher Education Course / General Course]

Heisei 30 School Year (2018-2019) College Entrance Results

4 students were accepted into national public universities!!
University of Yamanashi / National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya / University of Kitakyushu
47 students were accepted into private universities!!
Kokugakuin University / Kokushikan University / Kanagawa University / Otemon Gakuin University / etc

Baccalaureate Schools (175 recommended schools)

[national and public universities]
University of Yamanashi/name cherry tree university
[private university (four years system)]
Waseda University/Meiji University/Ritsumeikan University/Komazawa University/Tokai University/Kokugakuin University/Kokushikan University/Takushoku University/Daito Bunka University/Nippon Sport Science University/Nihon University/Yamanashi Gakuin University/Fuji University/Nagoya Keizai University/Nagoya Sangyo University/Kogakkan University/Niigata University of Health and Welfare/Hokkaidoiryodaigaku/Tokyo International University/Tokyo University of Agriculture/Toyo University/Yokohama College of Commerce/Kanto Gakuin University/Toin University of Yokohama/Saitama Institute of Technology/Jobu University/International Budo University/Chubu Gakuin University/Chukyo University/Kyoto Sangyo University/Otemon Gakuin University/Osaka University of Tourism/Osaka Gakuin University/Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences/Osaka International University/Osaka Industrial University/Osaka University of Commerce/Kansei Gakuin University/Kinki University/Kobe International University/Himeji Dokkyo University /IPU International Pacific University/Kibi International University/Okayama Shoka University/Hiroshima University of Economics/Shiseikan University/Tokuyama University/Baiko Gakuin University/Aichi Gakuin University/Aichi Sangyo University/Nihon Fukushi University/Fukuoka University/Nishinippon Institute of Technology/Kyushu Kyoritsu University/Kyushu Sangyo University/Nakamura Gakuen University/Kurume University/Fukuoka Institute of Technology/Fukuoka International University/Beppudaigaku/Nippon Bunri University/Kyushu Tokai University/Nagasaki International University/Daiichi Institute of Technology/Kyushu International University/Japan University of Economics/Kumamoto Gakuen University/Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
[private university (two years system)]
Teikyo Junior College/Musashigaoka College/Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College/Beppudaigaku junior college part/Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College/Daiichi Junior College of Infant Education
[specialization, technical school]
Secretary Kyushu General Sports College/Osaka Airlines technical school/crossroads cook technical school/Asao public employee technical school/Subaru Ohara car, sports technical school/Kyushu medical care sports technical school/Fukuoka beauty technical school/Omura beauty fashion technical school/Venus international beauty college/Ryukyu rehabilitation academy/Toyota Nagoya car college/Hiroshima resort & sports technical school/Ohara bookkeeping public employee technical school/Ohara bookkeeping public employee medical care welfare childcare technical school/West Japan academy Airlines technical school/Imamura school license academy/Minamikyushu medical care welfare technical school/Urasoe nursing school/*oseimeikagakugijutsusemmongakuko/Ohara sports public employee technical school/public employee graduate school of business/fukuokaiken sports technical school/Fukuoka medical care technical school /KSC Fukuoka information technical school/Tokyo academy Oita school/Oita dentistry technology technical school/Oita medicine technology technical school/Asao engineering department car college/Kyushu designer academy/Kyushu school of business /ECO animal ocean technical school/academy nursing technical school/Miyazaki nursing technical school/Kagoshima carrier design technical school
[including the ability for occupation development school]
School specialized in quite prefectural engineering department for a short term college/Fukuoka Prefectural Ogura high technique

Hiring Companies (1,022 number of the job offer companies)

See garden (Nakatsu-shi) of Sanwa Shurui (Usa City)/okahonjiko (Usa City)/usuien (Usa City)/Aminaka foods (Usa City)/Usa polymer (Usa City)/Oita CANON (yasukicho)/Oita CANON material (Kitsuki-shi)/Jay device (Kitsuki-shi)/Harada Kensetsu (Nakatsu-shi)/Daihatsu Kyushu (Nakatsu-shi)/Morio PRESS KOGYO (Nakatsu-shi)/sound company (Nakatsu-shi)/Yorozu Oita (Nakatsu-shi)/Izumi/Aoi machine industry (Nakatsu-shi)/sun industry (Nakatsu-shi)/Nakatsu express (Nakatsu-shi)/Kyushu OTANI KOGYO (Nakatsu-shi)/corporation Oshita electricity construction (Nakatsu-shi)/Aoi Nakatsu industry (Nakatsu-shi)/Asano gear Kyushu (Bungotakada-shi)/TRI Oita AE (Bungotakada-shi)/TRI Kyushu (Bungotakada-shi)/Kyushu Koide steel tube (Bungotakada-shi)/Sumisho steel sheet processing (Bungotakada-shi)/hoyo metto (Bungotakada-shi)/house science and technology Kyushu (Bungotakada-shi)/Tetsu gene Oita branch (Oita-shi)/sunshine Port luck (Oita-shi)/maruhide (Oita-shi)/wing group (Oita-shi)/JR Kyushu SECOM (Oita-shi)/Yoshiban (Oita-shi)/nine industry Oita branch (Oita-shi)/NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL Oita ironworks (Oita-shi)/Ando (Oita-shi)/Usuki marine products (Usuki-shi)/Maruichi fisheries corporation (Saiki-shi)/Marukyo (Fukuoka)/SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES Fukuoka (Fukuoka)/Japan blast Kyushu factory (Fukuoka)/high die industry (Fukuoka)/JR freight, Kyushu logistics (Fukuoka)/Akira fisheries (Fukuoka-shi)/Kay B sea (Fukuoka-shi)/NIPPON EXPRESS (Kitakyushu-shi) Oita paper manufacture (Buzen-shi)/i*hojinshadansagawakaidaikawabyoin (Buzen-shi)/kyowa (Buzen-shi)/Matsumoto industry (Buzen-shi)/Kotobukiya Fronte Kyushu factory (Buzen-shi)/i*hojin*suikaisuijobyoin (Dazaifu-shi)/air conditioning technology industry (Itoshima-shi)/old, and bake it; is the forest (Osaka-shi)/foods net (Osaka-shi)/SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES Aichi (Aichi)/S Kay M (Aichi)/AC Nagano pal bamboo steamer Lady's (Nagano)/meiden facility service (Tokyo)/general incorporated association retro fitting Japan association (Tokyo)/Oita Prefecture Police/Air Self-Defense Force/Ground Self-Defense Force of the Domoto shop (Miyazaki) /FC Ryukyu (Okinawa-shi)/TWC/ Imazu (Yamaguchi)/Maeda Corporation (UNIQLO) (Yamaguchi)/corporation kudo animal Hospital (Yamaguchi)/corporation Maeda shipyard (Shimonoseki-shi)/shimohana distribution (Hiroshima)/mountain train (Osaka)/health in firm (Yukuhashi-shi) /JA Saga (Saga)/social welfare corporation Shimizu welfare society health center for the elderly firefly water-so (Saga)/social welfare corporation Shimizu welfare society nursing home for the elderly keikou garden (Saga)/Oshikawa spring

Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
939 Esuka, Usa City,
Oita Prefecture 872-0032
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