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Support system

School counselor

I greet school counselor in our school and work on education consultation.
I fix the system which can support various troubles of the student in the viewpoint that is different from a teacher of school. Please come to feeling free to contact you if you want to talk about what it is.

All types of scholarships, financial aid systems

Scholarship system
Yoshimochi school scholarship
(there is no return duty)
Financial aid for top scoring students
It is paid by an older brother, the older sister of the high school student at school more than two siblings
Prefectural scholarship
(there is return duty)
Monthly basis/Oita (at home) 30,000 yen (the home outside) 35,000 yen
※It varies according to the metropolis and districts a little.
Each hospital scholarship
(there is no return duty)
Monthly basis/40,000 yen -65,000 yen
※If the constant number of years works, I pay it back, and the hospital scholarship is exempted after the graduation
Financial aid systems
Private high school tuition reduction of taxes Traffic-accident orphaned child tuition reduction of taxes
Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Usa-shi, Oita 939, Esuka
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